Wheel of Spiritual Practices


WHEEL OF SPIRITUAL PRACTICES (wheel A—Click at left for full-size PDF)


A. Wheel of Spiritual Practices

I promised to do “one new thing a day” for well-being—mine, yours, the planet’s, the universe’s, and that of other universes we might not know about. Why not reach for the stars, literally, if I’m going to reach at all? I concede that “well-being” in one universe might not be a different universe’s cup of tea. Maybe in some other cosmos, sentient beings appreciate all things strange, perverse, and upside-down. If my “one new thing” disturbs their equilibrium, I suppose they’ll let me know. Meanwhile, I’ll keep on keeping on.




B. Holistic Wellness Dimensions


Above you’ll see a link to a “wheel of spiritual practices” my pastor gave me. We’re not sure where it originated. Searching online for it or something similar, I came across “the holistic wellness dimensions” (wheel B, at left, from www.richs.com).

For today’s ONE NEW THING, I chose the following from wheel A:

COMFORT OF THE FAMILIAR: Enjoyment of familiar traditions and rituals.

When I wake up in the morning, I flop and flail about for an hour or so with no particular direction, no plan, no objective for the day or the hour or the next five minutes. ADHD readers, you know the feeling. So what could be easier or more satisfying than an evening ritual at a predetermined time, when I summon my unruly feelings and emotions—panic, self-reproach (for all I meant to do but didn’t), self-pity, powerlessness—and combine setting tomorrow’s agenda with a brief candle-gazing meditation?

I’m not sure whether I should do the agenda-setting before or after the candle-gazing. I’ll try it both ways, but tonight I’m going to do the candle part first. I’ll let you know which way works better for me. Any suggestions?


Light a candle in a dark room and gaze at it for five minutes or so. If attention wanders, lead it gently back to the flame. (SAFETY TIP: First remove nearby wads of Kleenex, kerosene-soaked rags, small children.)

Set intentions for tomorrow—not a detailed agenda, just a few urgent and big-picture items. Examples: (1) Find out how much I’m overdrawn and sell possessions on eBay for which proceeds might cover overdraft. (2) Get in touch with friends I feel guilty about neglecting. Do not combine (1) and (2), attempting to borrow money from long-lost friends. It’s tacky and it will exacerbate the guilt.

I’m not above suggesting, however, that if you, dear reader, have been thinking about writing a résumé, this is the ideal time to seek my help, especially at the low introductory rate of $42.50 (through June 2016). Check out my website for heaps of résumé suggestions and my contact information.

Meanwhile, dear friends, may God bless your endeavors and be patient with your flailing….




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