Bold Endeavor


ADD-afflicted individual insanely schedules (a) Move, (b) Doctor Appointment I, and (c) Doctor (non-)Appointment II for same day, using fuel-deficient monster pickup truck w/ V8 engine and sweet disposition

It worked… but only because of the kindness of strangers and friends…

Caribbean map -- "No Cuba"The sainted Kara and the strong and brave Eddie did most of the loading Sunday morning, while Rip and I played “Let’s Look Busy,” acting out little surges of activity whenever someone looked our way. The trick here is to seem to be in the middle of whatever you’re doing, even if it’s picking your nose. All your movements, your stance, your attitudes, including the interest and concentration, or lack thereof, reflected on your face… all must be smooth and seamless. It requires a great deal of focus and attention. It would be much easier, in fact, to actually do the work you’re pretending to do. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of this approach in another post.

Made mental note to purchase 1 or more Major Caribbean Islands (exclusive of Cuba) for Kara and J.C., Personal Aircraft Fleet for Eddie, Rip, and family….

Stayed at Eddie’s until Monday morning. Did not sleep — must have overdone the pretend-pomegranate juice at Abby’s T Party.

Drove truck to Dr. Appt. I — abso essential because out of Adderall — then back to Catalina for Dr. (Non-)Appt. II.

Hmmm. $5 seems to have been insufficient gasoline purchase for 32-mile round trip.

At gas station on Golder Ranch, squeezed last driblets out of 2 debit cards: Credit Union, 52 cents; PayPal, 33 cents. Hmmm. Will this get me home? Doubtful….

Great joy and embarrassingly conspicuous gratitude to 3 angels 

Sunbeam space heater, about $18 including shipping — lowest price on eBay

Sunbeam space heater, about $18 including shipping — lowest price on eBay

Waited c. 90 minutes to see doc. She prescribed higher-dose patch, fewer tabs, all good… the Universe’s way of lulling me into complacency, which is to say, messing with me in preparation for disastrous attempt to start and operate truck in which there is no gasoline. Battery sounded good, though.

After much nonproductive arguing with reality, I trudged up the hill to Catalina. Spoke with a few regretful or apathetic strangers before finding Angel from Heaven “Deb” of Deb’s Flowers, who bought for me a gas can, which I then proceeded to fill with gasoline using $$ supplied by Angel from Heaven “Tracy” of Dr. H’s office. Trudged back to truck, only to be foiled by complex, engineering-degree- requiring gas-can apparatus, which was in the fullness of time configured by Angel from Heaven “Troy,” a stranger who had the misfortune of crossing my path while I was cursing at gas can.

With a little under $5 in gasoline, made it into and out of Walgreen’s and on to new home without incident. Cheered by completion of arduous tasks that had loomed large that a.m. after night of no sleep, was not even intimidated by stacks, towers, and seas of boxes, bags, etc., to be unpacked and put away. What is all this shit?!

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