High Plains Traveler

Pal: Remodel Montage

Concepts for Pal’s Rehab

I AM EAGER TO BE ON THE ROAD.I long to put the finishing touches on the repaired and refurbished Pal… to turn the key and hear his motor purr…. All this not just because I yearn to travel or because I can’t wait to start showing off… but more and mostly because there is a too-serious 17-year-old girl in Tyler, Texas, who needs to learn from me that it’s not only acceptable but essential to love oneself first instead of practicing a painful and unnatural self-abnegation so extreme that the very wanting of anything is censored before it comes fully into consciousness.

yellow pants for sale on ebay

Pale yellow linen-weave cotton pants, NEW, today only $13 including shipping

And because there are men in Kansas and women in Kentucky and adolescents in West Virginia whose lives will become sweeter and more cherished almost instantaneously when I tell them in poetry and when I sing to them about Following Their Bliss, which leads unerringly to (a) the joyous exercise of their talents, and (b) the generous expression of charity, service, and benevolence.

This isn’t playing God. It’s just doing the next lovely thing that presents itself. One of the lovely things in progress for me right now is eBay-ing, which serves the dual purpose of getting my goods into circulation and raising funds for the rehabilitation of Pal. Body

J Jill size M 100% linen tunic, offbeat asymmetrical design, today only on eBay $14 including shipping

J Jill size M 100% linen tunic, offbeat asymmetrical design, today only on eBay $14 including shipping

oxidation and crumpled camper (right front section) notwithstanding, Pal is a diamond in the rough whose time has almost come.

Surprisingly, it required a small push of courage for me to introduce myself on Doreen Virtue’s Official Fan Page and to request kind thoughts and moral support. It ought to have been easy, inasmuch as the angels probably guided me to go to the page and make the request. Whatever the case, I am exceedingly grateful to Dianne Haas for her response and to Doreen Virtue for creating and nurturing her Facebook community.

Pal's Interior: BEFORE

Pal’s Interior: BEFORE

(You can see all of Pal’s “Before” images in the Facebook Annagrammatica Pal photo gallery.)

The mystical grace of kind thoughts and warm wishes is meat and drink right now for me, Pal, and Annagrammatica on the Road. From my heart, I send you love as well… and may Whoever Is On Duty bless you and your endeavors. —Mary


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