Out of Despair…


…Comes Mrs. Gravitas the Cat


yellow kitten asleep with chin on ball of yarn

Wisdom for now: You know what the voice of fear is saying. What about the voice of faith? (Debbie Ford)

God is not a ‘thing’ to be believed in. God is not an entity out there, separate from us, to which we can accord faith or not as we see fit. Nor is God a concept (sorry, John Lennon). God is within us, and, therefore, He is everywhere…. If you know God—if you’ve encountered His Presence, either directly or through miracles—then you know it’s not really a question of belief. Belief is the fallback option, the consolation prize, for those who cannot yet say that they know…. —Robert Rosenthal, M.D., in FROM PLAGUES TO MIRACLES

Give yourself a present: From Plagues to Miracles: The Transformational Journey of Exodus, from the Slavery of Ego to the Promised Land of Spirit, by Robert Rosenthal, M.D.

(From Amazon.com) In From Plagues to Miracles, …[Moses and Pharaoh, in the Book of Exodus]… represent dueling aspects of the human mind. Pharaoh is the egomind: arrogant, capricious, and cut off from God and Spirit. Moses represents the part of the mind that is and has always been in full, direct connection with God. And the Hebrews represent us—all of us, regardless of religious affiliation. Their trials are a mirror of our own spiritual dilemma as we’re tossed back and forth between ego and Spirit— Pharaoh and Moses—all the while trying to find our way to the Promised Land of inner peace and freedom. Viewed in this way, Exodus becomes a travel guide for the spiritual seeker: a powerful roadmap for navigating the different stages of the spiritual journey.

Although remaining faithful to the original Bible text, Dr. Rosenthal borrows … from spiritual teachers and traditions as diverse as the Roman philosopher Seneca, Zen Buddhism, and A Course in Miracles. He spices his accounts of transformation and miracles with personal anecdotes and real-life examples from his psychotherapy patients. … Even if you have little interest in the Bible, the insights offered by From Plagues to Miracles on the nature of the spiritual path and the how-to of miracles would alone make it an invaluable companion for any serious spiritual seeker.

Robert Rosenthal, M.D., is a board-certified psychiatrist and psychotherapist in private practice in the Princeton, New Jersey, area….

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