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Moving Right Along

The clusterf**k continues.

Topic 1: How much Adderall?

My doctor thinks I might not be taking enough Adderall. I’d love to hear from anyone who takes more than 40 mg. a day.

Topic 2: Abandoned by my peeps

Persons with A.D.D. come to rely on other individuals in situations, such as moving (don’t y’all say “moving house” in Britain?), that require sharp organizational skills. My particular peeps, in the moving-house arena, have always been my older son, “Ted,” and my sister, “Judy.” Well, Ted broke his damnable leg (tibia, I think?) the weekend before I was supposed to move. I mean, he broke the sucker, had to have surgery, a plate and two screws or something, and now they say he’ll set off the beeper when they do the airport-body-scan thing. He is ADHD-afflicted, though you’ll never hear him say so, but he’s a steamroller when it comes to moving. He develops superpowers and can maneuver desks, sofas, queen-size beds up two flights of stairs by himself, and then place them precisely where they belong.

Beautiful blue-green bedroom

In my dreams! (vnwallpapers.net)

My other rock, movingwise, my sister, Judy, was diagnosed about a year ago as having “early” Alzheimer’s. She has a tricky heart, too, which is congenital… a “coronary septal defect” was surgically, and successfully, repaired when she was about 16, but it’s been giving her problems over the last ten years or so. Judy has been a professional organizer forever. This is actually serving her well, because she’s used to writing everything down, except now she can’t find the notes she writes to herself. Ah! A kindred spirit.

Judy tires easily. She’s forgetful. She’s very cheerful. I love her to pieces and pray fervently and often for a cure or a miracle, either will do.

My daughter and her husband, my niece and her husband, and a dear friend and his son helped out when they could, as did a few other people from the church (in which I was living, as the caretaker). Even so, it took more than two months to remove all my stuff and get it here, to my new apartment.

Art Deco Toaster, Bowl of Eggs Intact

Wow, I'd trade a kidney for that Art Deco toaster (vnwallpapers.net)

It was a four-phase move. After each phase, there were boxes piled everywhere… unlabeled, so I couldn’t find the can opener or the kitty treats. When one is in the throes of A.D.D., one looks at the chaos and it’s a blur, in this case, of brown cardboard. One doesn’t see individual, discrete boxes, one sees box-blob. There is no strategy, no plan… only a vague sense that things are out of place and always will be because nothing, absolutely nothing, can be done with them.

That’s not all hyperbole. I own more than a thousand books, and I need every single one of them. But there are no surfaces left, anywhere, for anything.

Topic 3: My eBaY store

We hauled seven or eight large boxes of books (in addition to the aforementioned) to the new place so that I can use them to start my eBaY bookstore. As I’ve mentioned, I’m going to start with only books, since eBay charges different fees for different types of merchandise, and if I stick to just one type I can more easily do the math. Another advantage of bookselling is that eBaY searches for the cover art and book data, so I don’t need to take photos or store them and I don’t need any of those sellers’ services.

I even know where the books are! They’re on the floor of one of my two closets, covered with coats. Wouldn’t want them to catch a chill.

May Whoever Is On Duty bless you and your endeavors. —Mary

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