Nontasking the ADHD Way


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Task Is a Stupid Word

It’s one of those words that people often write but never say. Have you ever been talking to a friend on the phone and all of a sudden she says, “Uh-oh! Look at the time! I have a million tasks to do, I’d better go”? Of course not.

See that urban snapshot above, using multiple exposures to make it look as if cars are whizzing by and everyone in the city is just busy, busy, busy? Well, I should have been moving like that tonight, because I too had a million tasks to do, but I did some nontasks instead. For example,


Barely Breezies Illusion Camisole Bra

  • On eBaY, I bought this bra. You’re supposed to be able to wear it with low V-neck shirts and stuff, because it’s okay, at least in the opinion of the bra designer, for the lace in the middle to show. It took me a long time to decide to buy this bra, because it is not my size, it never was my size, and it never will be my size, but I wanted it, and it wasn’t very expensive. Even so, because I’m such a Careful Shopper, I had to come up with some really inventive rationalizations before I could justify spending the money.
  • Uck! I cleaned out my coffeemaker, really well, and I just made coffee, and it tastes like Dawn.

    Dawn-dishwashing-liquid image superimposed on baby-seal image, to make it appear as if baby seals use Dawn, I guess. Why else?

    Dawn-dishwashing-liquid image superimposed on baby-seal image, to make it appear as if baby seals use Dawn, I guess. Why else?

  • I added a link, and some information, to my website’s PRAYER page on the Liturgy of the Hours, or the Divine Office, which is “the official set of daily prayers prescribed by the Catholic Church to be recited at the canonical hours by the clergyreligious orders, and laity” (Wikipedia).
  • I looked for free online alarm clocks that are preset for the Liturgy of the Hours — the times for (a) The Officium Lectionis or Office of Reading (formerly Matins), major hour; (b) Lauds or Morning Prayer, major hour; (c) Daytime Prayer, which can be one or all of Terce (Mid-Morning Prayer), Sext (Midday Prayer), and None (Mid-Afternoon Prayer); (d) Vespers or Evening Prayer, major hour; and (e) Compline or Night Prayer. (I did not find such a clock.)
  • I searched for eBay store tips, found several, and then ran into a little snag after preparing the first tip.
J Jill pretty shirt got to have it

J Jill pretty shirt gotta have it


Item name (title): Be specific. If the brand name is popular, be sure to include it. Think of the keywords YOU would use to search for the item.

I’ve noticed that experienced sellers include synonyms for the item. For example,

J Jill White Cotton Pintucked Shirt Blouse Top S S NWT $89

I don’t know what “S S” means. “Small size?” Nah. Small something, though. NWT = New With Tags. $89 is the item’s original retail price.


I really, really, really, really want this shirt.

I did a lot of heavy-duty rationalizing and I still can’t quite square it with myself. Part of the problem is that it’s, like, $23 with shipping and I don’t have that much money. Not even close.

The time I spent trying to figure out how to buy the shirt effectively ended any productivity for the evening.

May whoever is on duty bless you and your endeavors —Mary

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