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Doing the Math on eBaY Store–Auctiva

I have found that meditation is really helpful with my A.D.D. symptoms, but I have not yet found a way to meditate while drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. Please do not think that I am one of those Maxine-looking women, skinny and flabby at the same time, chain-smoking, with her hair in curlers. My hair is way too short for curlers.

Cigarettes And Whiskey And Wild, Wild Women
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I paid off my $58 debt to eBaY so that they could reinstate my eBaY store. Not happening. I have to start all over again, which I might or might not do, depending…. For one thing, Auctiva is no longer free, and I’m not sure if my photos are still in storage on Auctiva or not.

For another thing, with Auctiva fees in the mix, I really have to do the math… see how much I have to sell per month to break even. I’d probably reopen my store if I knew I wouldn’t lose any money, just because eBaying is fun, and, for me at least,  it’s more fun to sell than it is to buy.

Medical breakthrough

Not always, but much of the time, people with A.D.D. or ADHD have other medical “issues.” Me — I’ve been tired for ten years. Now I know why: Fibromyalgia! The disorder I privately scoffed at when people told me they had it! The non-illness that losers use as an excuse to sleep half the time and call in sick a lot! The wimp syndrome!

A family member has gently criticized me for not using the principles in The Secret (or, as my daughter calls it, “Christian Science lite”) to overcome the symptoms of fibromyalgia, which include a whole lotta pain all over the place and debilitating fatigue that can break through any time, as when you’re in the middle of your job as a fighter pilot.

The_SecretHey, I’m hip to The Secret, I think it’s a no-brainer that your thoughts manifest themselves in your circumstances, but, at the moment, not being sufficiently evolved to manifest wellness when I’m sick, I treasure my new prescription to Neurontin as much as I do my copy of The Secret — which, by the way, in book form is such a lovely volume (with its thick, glossy paper and its ancient-manuscript design) that I can’t bring myself to scribble in the margins.

So, thank  you for asking, I am now taking Adderall (again) and Neurontin. I have new energy and no pain. So youthful do I feel that I was blindsided by a comment made to me by a convenience-store clerk the other day. I was buying one bottle of orange juice, and the seventeen people ahead of me in line were, for example, cashing in a few dozen lottery tickets, trying to get the clerk to get the gas pump to work, holding up another clerk at gunpoint, and so forth.

Tibetan lady
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Then the clerk in my line called to me: “Miss!” he said (it’s never a good sign when they call  you “Miss.”) “Miss! Come on up to the front of the line. We don’t make our elderly customers wait.”

I kind of thought he was trying to make a joke, but it was just wishful thinking on my part. Here’s some more wishful thinking: collagen cheek implants.

May Whoever Is On Duty bless you and your endeavors  —Mary

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