Letting Go


dave_barry_turns_50My eBaY store has been on autopilot for the last few weeks, as I’ve been engaging in more urgent and more profitable endeavors. Even so, I accomplished quite a bit:

  1. I sold about $50 worth of stuff without even trying
  2. I got suspended for nonpayment of eBaY fees

I’m leaning toward specializing in books, once I get my suspension rescinded. They’re just so easy to handle, plus, as I have mentioned, you can send them via Media Mail, which is (I think) $2.83 for the first pound, to which I add $1 for handling and for shipping supplies.

scapegoat_daphne_dumaurierI used to have to save every book I read. I couldn’t bear to part with a book. I pretended to myself that I would reread it some day, or use it for “reference.” Nor could I borrow books, from my friends or from the library. I had to have my own. I think there was a little vanity going on there: “Look at all the books I’ve read, all the knowledge I’ve amassed. I have all this in my head.”

I once made the tragic mistake of giving away all my Dave Barry books. What was I thinking? One by one, I’ve acquired most of them again. Last night I read (for the fourth or fifth time) Dave Barry Turns 50. (Dave and I are the same age.)

Q. Where were you the first time you heard the Beatles?
a. In a station wagon
b. In a fallopian tube

Actually, I was with about twelve other girls in Cary Vigneri’s Volkswagen.

As soon as I get my eBaY privileges back, I am going to sell The Scapegoat, by Daphne du Maurier. Too much angst. And my pristine copy of Windows 95 for Dummies can go straight into the recycling.

2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Lesley — What is an AIID?
    I too have had up to 2000, without specifically writing about AI (it is always in my “footnotes,” however. I seem to get more traffic from AI on weekends.
    Traffic from AI had completely ceased until I changed the URL to http://alphainventions.wordpress.com/.
    Thanks for your advice; very helpful. –Mary

  2. I have never used their AIID – but have these stats for you:
    10/3/2009 37 referral sources – none from AI
    116 page views = 97 pages + 19 returns

    On this day, I did not submit to Alpha Inventions.

    9/3/2009 161 referral sources – 129 from AI
    210 page views = 202 pages + 8 returns
    On this day, I submitted to Alpha Inventions I three times

    I have used Alpha Inventions to drive page views in the past and find that my return visitors are steadily increasing of their own accord.

    I also get flow on traffic to my other sites that are linked to my main site.

    Hope that helps.


    PS I have had up to 2000 in a day – but that was on a day when I specifically wrote an article about them.

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