Say Hey!

My Turquoise Star!

My Turquoise Star!

Hey! This means I’ve gotten a hundred positive feedback points. I wish I had a hundred actual dollars to show for it….

Great idea…

A Buck-a-Book Book

A Buck-a-Book Book

from PracticalECommerce:

LOGO Branding: Once you have a logo or image that represents you and/or your eBay store. Use that same logo for all sites that you join.

NAME Branding: Use your eBay ID for all sites that you join.

Link all sites that you join back to your eBay store or your eBay ID. Some people link to their eBay “ME” page or eBay My World page. This works great for those not having an eBay Store. Could also link to your eBay Feedback page.

Here are a few sites I belong to that you could also join and “Brand” yourself with:

Willie Mays — The Catch, 1954

Willie Mays — The Catch, 1954

I suck at this. I have different icons for almost every site. On WordPress, I’m Willie Mays making “the Catch.” On MySpace, I think I use Stan Musial‘s rookie card. Or maybe that’s on Twitter. They’re all a blur.

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The Greats

Stan Musial, now 88 years old, is one of the greatest baseball players in history, certainly the greatest to have ever played for the St. Louis Cardinals. Willie Mays, 77, who played most of his career with the New York and San Francisco Giants, may be the greatest all-around baseball player of all time. Nicknamed “the Say-Hey Kid,” he is the godfather of tarnished home-run hero Barry Bonds.


in my eBay store… Buck-a-Book books.

May Whoever Is On Duty bless you and your endeavors….  Mary

Stan Musial rookie card

Stan Musial rookie card



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