Obama and Tonya #3


Valuable eBay
Selling Tip


Hardcover, 3 Jane Austen novels, SOLD for $2.99 plus $4.30 shipping

Hardcover, 3 Jane Austen novels, SOLD for $2.99 plus $4.30 shipping

From Tonya’s Dynamic Designs, specializing in eBay stores and more….


TIP # 3: Start Promoting Your eBay Auctions on FREE eBay Promotion Websites That Are Available 

You can do a Yahoo or a Google search to see where these websites are.

Outside-of-eBay links are prohibited on eBay, but I will give you the names of all of the websites that I use to promote my eBay auctions for FREE and all you have to do is put a  .com  at the end of each name to get to their website. (Ed. note: This blog is under no such constraints, so I have added links where available.)

I recommend that you write down ALL of these FREE eBay Promotion websites on an index card and tape the index card next to your computer for easy access.

I will add more websites when I learn of any new ones in the future. If you know of any FREE eBay Promotion Websites–please let me know, so I can add them.

Signed, numbered 11-by-17-inch Isis print, MAKE OFFER

Signed, numbered 11-by-17-inch Isis print, MAKE OFFER

This is an excellent tip — thank you, Tonya — and I’ll have to check it out. I wonder if it applies to my eBay store items or just to auctions. I’ll let you know.


Now… since I have no eBay store news — other than that I have once again managed to lose money on a sale by making some sort of error on my “combined shipping” invoice such that the buyer got free shipping — I’ll talk about more important things.


More Important Thing 1: Strattera


If you are A.D.D.- or ADHD-deranged, you might have taken stimulant medications such as Ritalin or Adderall. I did, for years, with mixed results. Frankly, these are difficult drugs not to abuse, if, for example, you are justifiably tired and need to sleep but there are things you want or need to do. More than once, when I had a regular job, I would lurch into work on no sleep and no breakfast, taking more than my allotment of Adderall to make it through the day, promising myself I’d sleep throughout the weekend to make up for it.


Brass dish with gorgeous detailing; brass candlesticks; MAKE OFFER

Brass dish with gorgeous detailing; brass candlesticks; MAKE OFFER

Moreover, the Attention-Deficit-Disordered individual is exceedingly likely to forget when he or she took his or her last dose, unless he or she sets a timer, assuming that he or she can find his or her timer.


As I reported to you a couple of posts ago, “a friend suggested I try EFT for procrastination, and it seems to be working… although it might be my new A.D.D. medicine, Strattera (atomoxetine HCl).”


I can now report to you that, though I am taking a fairly low dose, Strattera seems to be working well. The potential side effects suicide and death have not materialized, and I seem to be able to look at a pile of dirty laundry and see individual washable items rather than a blur of fabric and filth.


More Important Thing 2: Cold


Brass serving dish closeup

Brass serving-dish closeup

Here in the Heartland, we have been plagued with SDBZ (Successive Days Below Zero). My apartment tends to be cold at such times. As you will recall from my rantings about the time when I was sharing my apartment with itinerant rats, living and dead (the dead ones were itinerant only in the sense that the live ones shoved them out of the way to get to their communal latrine) and approximately five years’ worth of their leavings behind and under my shower, this apartment has electric heat, in the form of those baseboard-type heaters except that they are all installed about two inches below the ceiling, so that if I were to put my bed on stilts I would be warm indeed. Moreover, there is no ventilation to speak of, so even on the most frigid of nights I run my window air conditioner on VENT so as to not die of carbon-monoxide poisoning or sicken from the stale air.


Rattus norvegicus

Rattus norvegicus

Here is the good news: My lifelong friend DF (Dougie Feathers, a childhood nickname adopted by DF and my brother, John, AKA Johnny Feathers; I am Mary Feathers, and collectively we are the Feathers Clan), promised to send me an electrically heated mattress pad for Christmas. Alas, DF is also A.D.D.-afflicted. Meanwhile, my apartment is studded with dangerous space heaters, and I beg you to notify the Authorities if you don’t hear from me for an inordinately long period of time.


More Important Thing 3: Our New President

President Obama (photo by Pete Souza)

President Obama (photo by Pete Souza)

Speaking of rants, I’ll say this just once and then be silent forever or until President Obama does another stupid thing (though he is the farthest thing from being a stupid man), whichever comes first, although I suspect I’ll be free to speak as soon as I turn the radio on to Laura Ingraham. Closing Guantánamo! What is he THINKING? Where will the prisoners be incarcerated, if at all?

A caller to Bill O’Reilly last night suggested reopening Alcatraz, although in San Francisco everybody and their granny would be forever taking cookies to the prisoners, or perhaps cakes (with files, knives, grenades cleverly hidden inside).

Alcatraz Island, 2005 (photo by Ben Peoples)

Alcatraz Island, 2005 (photo by Ben Peoples)

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham

I am thrilled to have lived to see an African American president of the U.S. I am 61 years old. When I was growing up, even in Nebraska segregation was the status quo if not the law. I was a new mom in the late sixties, when Omaha experienced race riots in the stifling heat of two consecutive summers.

I am sick to death of conversations like this, however:

ME: I’m ambivalent about his politics, but I think that Obama is a brilliant and honorable man, and I never thought I’d see a black person elected president.

The bad old days

The bad old days

OTHER PERSON: I don’t even think of him as “black.”

ME:  Bla-a-a-a-gh (barfing).

Excuse me. I thought we were done being color-blind and were now celebrating diversity instead.

Well… we shall see what we shall see….

May Whoever Is On Duty bless you and your endeavors….  Mary



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