Tonya’s Tip #2


From Tonya’s Dynamic Designs (specializing in eBay stores and more)…

Have Custom Business Cards Made–I can do this for you.

Put your business card in… your customers’ orders. You can also post your business card on bulletin boards of grocery stores and other department stores in your area. Lastly, you can mail your business cards out to people by getting their addresses from your phone book.


Well, why not? It seems like a perfectly sensible idea to me.

But I like my idea better, which is to send $5 gift certificates to everyone who buys one of my auction items or makes a purchase from my eBay store.

Strictly speaking, these are rebate certificates, not gift certificates. The rebate is instant, via PayPal… or it would be, if anyone had ever redeemed his or her certificate, which is valid for products and services bought on my Zero Gravity website (except books ordered through, although one could just as easily offer rebates on eBay purchases.

The child pictured is my grandson Ryder

The child pictured is my grandson Ryder

Tonya is clearly an enterprising young woman (at least she looks young in her photo) who intends to leave no tern unstoned, as we used to say back in the sixties, though Tonya is focused on marketing and the Flower Children of the sixties were focused on… um… let me get back to you on that….

In any event, if you buy something from my eBay store you will receive a $5 Zero Gravity gift certificate, which will get you two $2.50 greeting cards, for example, and it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I have some beautiful Valentine cards and gifts. Alternatively, you can buy a gift certificate for a friend or for your sweetie. Wouldn’t that be a kind thing for you to do? I’ll even gift-wrap it, FREE, if you like. (Use the “message for seller” option in your PayPal checkout.)



May Whoever Is On Duty bless you and your endeavors….  Mary

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