Discovered Online: eBay Store Success Tips

TIP # 1 (from Tonya’s Dynamic Designs)

SOLD for $1

SOLD for $1

Have a Professional eBay Store or Website Designed with Search Engine Optimization–I can do this for you!

Always have a professional looking store that is well organized and functional. You want your customers to be able to get ALL of the information that they need at their fingertips to be able to make a quick decision to order from you.

A professional looking eBay store (eBay shop) or website will help to build your credibility and trust as an eBay seller among your potential customers. Professional designs will also set you apart from your competitors and help you to make a unique impression in the minds of your customers which is exactly what you want to achieve.

Soft, thickly padded romper just $3.99

Soft, thickly padded romper just $3.99

Do you think that a person would rather spend their money with someone who has a plain and colorless website or with someone who has a vibrant and appealing website? The answer of course is the professional website every time.



Tonya’s Dynamic Designs are not MY cup of tea — I like my eBay store just fine — but some might find them appealing. The Tinkerbell-style light splotches, skimming about every which day, made me think I was having a stroke. Tonya offers search-engine optimization, however, which might be worth the investment.

Conquering procrastination

This lovely silk jacket with silk lining was FREE (I took the hit for a postal-service screwup)

This lovely silk jacket with silk lining was FREE (I took the hit for a postal-service screwup)

As should be obvious from the length of time between my last post and this one, I’ve been Procrastinating. A friend suggested I try EFT for procrastination, and it seems to be working… although it might be my new A.D.D. medicine, Strattera (atomoxetine HCl). It took me a while to get up the nerve to try it, because the potential side effects, including suicide and death, seemed a bit drastic. But these side effects, Eli Lilly and Company hastens to add, are infrequent. Good. It’s a poor marketing practice to kill off all your customers.

EFT involves tapping oneself about the head and torso. According to Wikipedia, at least three studies have shown EFT to be effective. Some scientists discount these studies, calling EFT “pseudoscience.” In one of the studies, tapping specific points on a doll was as effective as tapping on the subjects’ own “meridian points.” See “Tapping Your Troubles Away” for more information.

… And may Whoever Is On Duty bless you and your endeavors….  Mary


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