Ah, Winter…


cuddl_duds2Ah, Cuddl Duds

Winter always catches me off guard, as though it’s never happened before. Knowing this about myself, I try to compensate by completing my Christmas shopping no later than March, while it’s still cold and wintry and Christmas is a not-so-distant memory.

Being an attention-deficit-disordered individual, I usually fail in this resolve. Good grief, I say to myself some time in February. It’s only February. I have months and months to procure Christmas gifts. I’ll do it this summer.

And then summer comes, and with it occasional  Christmas-shopping impulses, but I shrug them off easily because the impulses always occur when I don’t have any money.

A superabundance of task lists

cuddlduds_shirtI have to-do lists strewn all over the Internet. I have virtual Post-It notes on my desktop. (These are the best! It’s impossible to lose them or forget about them.) But it was actually on a matchbook cover, which I found when I was looking for my PayPal debit card, which is still lost, incidentally… Where was I? Oh, it was on a matchbook cover (the blank part, inside) that I found a shopping list upon which was scrawled “Cuddl Duds.”

If you don’t know what Cuddl Duds are, I am delighted to enlighten you. Cuddl Duds are what makes winter bearable. If you’re wearing Cuddl Duds, neck to ankles, you can almost understand why apparently sane and lucid persons voluntarily, sometimes eagerly, engage in winter sports.

Cuddl Duds come in several varieties, but your basic winter Cuddl Dud is a long-sleeved close-fitting shirt or pair of pants — long underwear that is brushed soft on the inside, next to your skin, and is silky smooth on the outside so your regular clothes glide right over it instead of bunching up. Cuddl Duds are nice and thin — like a layer of skin, almost. I’ve had cold-weather underwear made of silk, and it’s great, but Cuddl Duds are just as warm and much less expensive.

They’re not cheap, however. At retail stores, Cuddl Duds long pants and long-sleeved shirts are $22 and up. You can always find them for sale on eBay, though, either new or “gently worn.”

We had a long Indian summer here in Nebraska, but some time in November there was a brief cold snap, and since I had just found the matchbook cover AND I had a little money, I searched eBay for used Cuddl Duds. (I’m not squeamish about wearing other people’s underwear. That’s what washing machines and hot water are for.)

Of course, you have to search for “Cuddle Duds,” “CuddlDuds,” “CuddleDuds,” and other alternative spellings. I stocked up, buying four items and paying no more than $5.99 (shipping included) for long pants that were “like new.” I also have two sets of glove liners and two sets of sock liners, all made out of some kind of light metallic weave; and a collection of flannel and knitted hats, fleecy coats, and leather gloves found at thrift stores or on eBay. Oh, and several varieties of boots — with flat soles, with high heels, with a Western Motif, and so forth.

Eddie Bauer shirt, SOLD for $5.99

Eddie Bauer shirt, SOLD for $5.99

Thus, for once, I am ready for winter, which is a good thing because the other day the high temperature was 16 degrees (F) and the wind was gusting to 30 mph and I had to walk six blocks to buy coffee, which, after all, is the whole POINT of winter.

Holiday bonanza

It’s been at least a month since I added inventory to my eBay store, and I’ve gotten a bit lax about my daily eBay monitoring. Fortunately, I logged on to eBay December 1 and discovered that I’d sold two items. Since then, not a day has gone by without a sale. I guess not everyone shares my penchant for Christmas-shopping in February. There are oodles of items on my “to be eBayed” table I should have already placed in my store inventory, so I’d better get to it.

May Whoever Is On Duty bless you and your endeavors….  —Mary

* * *

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