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Life is pain. Anyone who says differently isn’t paying eBay and PayPal Seller fees. —Danno, on Auctiva

Bliss = Kitarō, Padilla

I have, à propos of nothing, found two new musical passions — both suitable accompaniments to meditation in entirely different ways:

Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (c. 1590 – 1664) was a composer of New Spain (a viceroyalty of Spain that included modern-day Mexico, the Philippines, Guatemala, and other parts of Central America and the Caribbean). He was born in Málaga, Spain, but moved to Puebla, Mexico, in 1620 to compose music in the new world. —Wikipedia 

If you enjoy Renaissance and Baroque choral music, you’ll love Padilla. His Missa Ego Flos Campi, which you can hear in toto (not the dog, silly) HERE, is a sublime segue from the older almost chantlike style of, say, Thomas Tallis, to the later, fuller, more structured choral sounds of Bach and Handel.

Kitarō (born Masanori Takahashi) is a Grammy-award-winning Japanese musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist…. Inspired by the R&B music of Otis Redding, Kitaro taught himself how to play guitar. “I never had education in music, I just learned to trust my ears and my feelings.” He gives credit for his creations to a power beyond himself. “This music is not from my mind,” he said. “It is from heaven, going through my body and out my fingers through composing. Sometimes I wonder. I never practice. I don’t read or write music, but my fingers move. I wonder, ‘Who’s song is this?’ I write my songs, but they are not my songs.”Wikipedia

Heaven & Earth

Heaven & Earth

Listen to Kitaro HERE. Listen to Kitaro while you’re doing the laundry or balancing your checkbook. Because I am an attention-deficit-disordered individual, music generally either distracts or annoys me when I am doing mental work. Kitaro’s music is energizing. Though I usually run like the wind from New Age music, Kitaro’s compositions are more like lush movie-sound-track music. (He won a Grammy for the sound track for the Oliver Stone film Heaven & Earth, starring Tommy Lee Jones, Haing S. Ngor, Joan Chen and Hiep Thi Le. It is the third film in Stone’s Vietnam War trilogy, which also included Platoon [1986] and Born on the Fourth of July [1989]. Heaven & Earth is a grim flick — difficult to watch but exquisite to listen to.)

Due to enchantment with Padilla and Kitaro, and necessity of shipping three (3!) eBay parcels, purchased on my eBay store, immédiatement, today’s topic — why to sell books on eBay, and how to list them using Auctiva — has been postponed.

May you and yours experience enchantment today and every day…. —Mary

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