Unfinished Business


A.D.D. Afflictees: Meditate

Haviland Limoges China Similar to Mine

Haviland Limoges China Similar to Mine

Attention-deficit-disordered persons are often plagued with unfinished-business syndrome. In my case, whatever I’m doing, I always feel like I should be doing something else. If I’m working on my blogs, I should be brushing my teeth or washing the dishes or photographing items for my eBay store. Everything is urgent.

I focus best when something is really, really urgent, like the phone company is about to “interrupt my service.” That’s when I think about (A) selling my grandparents’ Haviland Limoges wedding china or (B) robbing a bank. Of these alternatives, robbing a bank is more tempting, because it involves only four easy steps: (1) Get realistic-looking toy gun. (2) Put on ski mask. (3) Enter bank and announce, “This is a holdup.” (4) Go directly to jail.

Problem solved. Who needs a phone in jail?

Selling the Haviland necessitates (1) identifying the pattern (something I have been unable to do even after hours and hours online—Haviland produced thousands of patterns); (2) ascertaining its value; (3) finding a flatbed scanner that works with Windows XP (I have two scanners that are compatible with Windows 95 and 98 but not XP), OR photographing the china, but the scanner works better for flat pieces; (4) finding a buyer on eBay or elsewhere; (5) preparing the delicate pieces for shipping; (6) shipping them; (7) incurring the wrath of my family; (8) grieving for the rest of my life.

LifeIsPoetry.net Meditation Home Page

LifeIsPoetry.net Meditation Home Page

Both (A) and (B) have major drawbacks. So I end up doing what I should have started with, which is (C) meditate. I have numerous meditation pages on my website. I created the meditation pages principally for my own benefit, but you are free to use them all you like. Meditation is relaxation-inducing while you’re engaged in it, plus it slops over into your regular life, and you begin to feel that whatever you’re doing is the thing you should be doing, the thing the Universe intends for you to do, even if it’s watching Laverne and Shirley reruns, which I never do. This is the truth: My television has not been on since Hurricane Katrina.

Then I can get on with the business of writing my blogs and photographing items to sell on eBay. My most recent item, as it happens, didn’t need to be photographed. It is a children’s book called Aren’t You Glad? (with illustrations by Victorian artist and author Kate Greenaway) and it is the direct result of meditation. The message is: You can tear yourself to shreds being discontented and wanting things, or you can be grateful for what is.

Peace, brothers and sisters. And may Whoever Is On Duty bless you and your endeavors.  —Mary

Aren't You Glad? by Mary Campbell

Aren't You Glad? by Mary Campbell

Fiestaware Fruit Bowl—SOLD for $3.25

Fiestaware Fruit Bowl—SOLD for $3.25

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