I am not alone this afternoon.
Bart the Bat is with me in the room.
He’s sleeping now, among my shoes, it seems,
Which means that I’ll go barefoot till Bart deems
It time to fly. Then it will come to pass
That I will catch and kick his little
(I have a large bat-catching net
But I don’t have the courage yet.)

Turbo Lister vs. Auctiva

Last night I took lu_mcinturff‘s advice and made the switch from Turbo Lister to Auctiva. I learned a lot:

  • lu_mcinturff is a gracious and fascinating individual whose eBay store, NDN Fabrics Co-op, is a gold mine of economically priced Native American fabrics and so much more. (I have listed her store permanently in my Blogroll.) She actually called me on the phone to explain the whys and wherefores of Auctiva and eBay selling and we ended up chatting like old friends—she on her expansive front porch in the shade of an old oak tree, I in my office pretending that I hadn’t glimpsed Bart swooping to and fro in the living room like the man on the flying trapeze.

In case you don’t know, Turbo Lister and Auctiva are free eBay-listing tools. Each enables the seller to save various settings and to list a bunch of items all at once. Auctiva is purportedly easier to use—I’ll have to get back to you on that—but Auctiva’s big advantage over Turbo Lister, and over plain old on-site eBay listing, is that you can upload as many as twenty-four images per item on Auctiva, and eBay charges you for only ONE image.Auctiva has numerous other fine qualities, I’m told, but I haven’t had time to explore them yet, because what happened was this: As soon as I registered on Auctiva, it swooped down, much in the manner of Bart, and took everything out of my original eBay store and plopped it down in my new Auctiva store. So if you were to have gone to one of my listings and followed the link to “my eBay store,” you would have found zilch. Everything was in my Auctiva store, with a different URL and in different categories than those I had so carefully set up in the original store.

Naturally, I sent up flags to Auctiva, and “Richard” responded very promptly and politely while conveying no useful information whatever. I wrote back, and “Richard” has not yet replied; but a solution occurred to me in the middle of the night, while I was in bed with the covers pulled over my head in case Bart had not yet been decapitated by the ceiling fan.

You can synchronize everything you’ve listed via Turbo Lister with your current eBay listings. So that’s what I did, and, abracadabra, my original store was restored. Then, as an experiment, I listed a few items through Auctiva (some very nice Fiesta pieces, if anyone is interested), and sure enough they showed up in both my original eBay store and my new Auctiva store. So far, so good.

Items sold since my last report: Zero. But we’re still building here. I have great expectations.

May Whoever’s On Duty bless you and your endeavors….  Mary


Vintage Fiesta 5-1/2-inch fruit bowl, original ivory

Vintage Fiesta 5-1/2-inch fruit bowl, original ivory

One thought on “Bats!

  1. So – it appears you have an e-bay store and you can now put up lots of pictures thanks to Auctiva. You are over the worst with Auctiva – the initial set up! Its that token you have to get that keeps your items active. Have you set up the scroller unit yet so others can freely see other items within your store?

    Remember, next step is to get your store address and then, google the words URL SUBMISSION so that you can now go and give your URL to places like google, yagoo, aol, msn, and many others with a description of the items you carry. Best thing, is to give individual descriptions on your items and list all of them separately so they will all come up individually should someone be looking.

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