Turbo Listing


My star’s turned blue at eBay!

eBay Blue Star

eBay Blue Star

They sent me an e-mail about it, and apparently it’s quite an honor, like getting the Nobel Peace Prize, because they want me to “download and print [my] Blue Star Certificate and display it proudly.” As If I needed more stuff around the house. Maybe if I had a Ph.D., I could get one of those double frames, with my Ph.D. in English literature of the romantic period on top and my Blue Star Certificate on the bottom. Of course, certificates come cheap these days. When I taught Dancing Classrooms to fifth-graders, I gave certificates for mastering the Foxtrot, phase 1.

My eBay store is now stocked with thirty-plus items. I am using the eBay Turbo Lister, and it really is quite an improvement over listing each item directly on the eBay site. The Turbo Lister is uncomplicated, except when it flubs. I have composed these cute little paragraphs about accepting returns and so forth, and Turbo Lister presents me with a checkbox asking if I want Turbo Lister to recall these settings for future listings, and I check the box as enthusiastically as it is possible to make a mouse-click, and STILL Turbo Lister sometimes forgets and acts like I am a stranger whom Turbo Lister has never heard of and would probably snub anyway.

eBay Seller's Checklist

eBay Seller's Checklist


I did develop a checklist for each item. It started out to be simple, as all my projects do, but the A.D.D. person, fearful of omitting some small detail, such as forgetting to mail the purchased item, is likely to create a checklist so arduous that it will be ignored, which is probably just as well, because it will almost certainly get lost before I have a chance to ignore it.

Nevertheless, I have managed to sell a few small items, and bidding is fast and furious on a little lace pillow.



May Whoever’s On Duty bless you and your endeavors. —Mary

4 thoughts on “Turbo Listing

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  2. Thank you, lumcinturf, I have taken your advice, for better or for worse, and switched to Auctiva. But now, when you go to my listings, they direct you to my OLD eBay store URL, where there is zero merchandise, because it has all been moved to the Auctiva URL, which is, all in all, better than the old one. Can you tell me how to change that direction, since it’s automated by eBay? Thanks! –Mary

  3. Oh — after you watch the demo’s and go “WOWZERS – THIS IS JUST TOO EASY” and before you list anything – go into the auctiva My Account – and turn off anything that would send anything to your customer’s. Ya know?

  4. Ever had that item where you needed to have more than one picture? Then quit using Turbo lister and go watch the demo’s at http://www.auctiva.com – lots of good free stuff there – and you can put in 24 pictures – close ups – pictures with a tape measurer – far away shots… ya know – just all kinds of pictures. I sale fabrics and my customer’s want all those kind of pictures. Good luck to you 🙂

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