Start Me Up


Okay, moving right along. Have items for sale, via eBay auction and my eBay store, totaling $728.93 in value, and my take so far is $1.99, plus shipping. Have canceled reservation for villa on Corfu.


Corfu—next year

Tuesday: Joined Twitter to let everyone on Yahoo mailing list, including my congressperson, know about new eBay store. Turns out everyone could give a rat’s ass, except congressperson, who sent kind, personal reply expressing appreciation for my concern and promising it will receive his immediate attention. Think he has his eye on pink size-2 sleeper with bunnies.

Today—am trusting you to hold me to this—am adding designer women’s garb, tattered Levi’s, clumps of infant stuff, and some brass candlesticks, unless decide to keep for purposes of filling with candles and lighting them in prayer ritual for success of eBay store.

The A.D.D. process

Attention-deficit-disordered persons seldom take straightforward approach. For example, I can’t do this kind of work—laundering, assembling, photographing, folding, putting items in protective and environmentally unfriendly plastic bags, and the like—without start-me-up music.

Here’s a sample (go ahead, click it!)… Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones

A.D.D. project management, in a nutshell, goes something like this:

  1. Decide to sell items on eBay store
  2. Ruminate on decision for, oh, 93 hours, give or take
  3. Decide to take plunge
  4. Can’t remember what am plunging into
  5. Bump shin on box of brass candlesticks, jogs memory
  6. Decide to keep brass candlesticks; where the hell are candles?
  7. Roll up sleeves, get to work
  8. But first, need music
  9. MP3-player can’t be located
  10. Decide, after tear house apart, to look in MP3-player case; voila!
  11. Battery is dead
  12. Decide to buy batteries, when solvent
  13. Weeks ensue
  14. Have money, buy batteries, pat self on back
  15. Days ensue
  16. Put battery in MP3 player
  17. Dissatisfied with music selection; need Sousa marches and the like
  18. Load MP3 player with honky-tonk, bluegrass, favorite upbeat music such as theme from The Great Escape (ghoulish, when think about tragic WWII context, but not when focus on Steve McQueen sexy smirk, or James Coburn with help from French underground [or Swiss?] riding bicycle to freedom)
  19. Elmer Bernstein was greatest movie composer ever
  20. Steve McQueen’s first name was Terrence
  21. Where was I?
  22. Oh. Gathered up newly loaded, fresh-batteried iPod wannabe, headphones; damned iPod wannabe keeps falling out of pocket
  23. Ready to roll… after nap

May Whoever’s On Duty bless You and Your endeavors. —Mary

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