Do It Anyway


Help! I Need Somebody

(Help! Not Just Anybody…)

Alice in eBayland

Alice in eBayland

What I always say is, when you don’t know what you’re doing, but you want to do it, do it anyway, is what I always say. Take the leap. Dive in. Go for it. Just Do It. Add banal motivational phrase of your choice.

It seems to me that selling via an eBay store is like betting against the house. Of course eBay wants you to sell your stuff, so they say, and they clog each and every one of your communication channels, including your hearing aid (not that I have a hearing aid) (yet) with instructions, promotions, inducements, and the occasional scolding. TMI. It’s demonic. It’s overwhelming.

But it’s done, and it’s at THIS LOCATION, though it’s not really worth the trip yet, because there are only sixteen items, and half of them are gently pre-owned baby and toddler pajamas. The others are Elaine K. Bly’s lovely customized cartouches.

I have the selling skills of an E. coli bacterium, which is probably why my website (which, at, you are invited to peruse at any time) moves so little merchandise. Or perhaps my stuff is crap.

Experienced eBay store proprietors: Help!

  1. How do you know how much money you end up with, after the yay-you-sold-it-and-we’re-taking-our-share fees are subtracted?
  2. If I shell out the big bucks for QuickBooks—which, as I read on page 4,384 of the opening-your-eBay-store instructions, “interfaces” with eBay-store software—will QuickBooks break out the per-item fees?
  3. Any general advice you’d like to offer?

My pledge

Regular (I’d say “daily,” but I’d be lying) progress reports, and all the hints, tips, success stories, and other helpful information I pick up along the way.

May Whoever’s On Duty bless you and your endeavors. Mary







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